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Monday , October 22 2018
Home / Education / An Open letter to Immanuel Ifediata, Man who advised Nigerian men to go after secondary school girls

An Open letter to Immanuel Ifediata, Man who advised Nigerian men to go after secondary school girls

Here’s an open letter By Girl Child Education Activist, Femi Mega to Immanuel Ifediata, the teacher who went viral after he advised Nigerian men to go after secondary school girls because they are naive

Read Below:

An Open letter to Immanuel Ifediata

Incase you are not aware Mr Immanuel, your post as regards men leaving the “old cargoes” and proposing to fresh secondary school leavers who you think are “naïve and loyal” is based on the fact that you have issues with self esteem, you are not secured, not informed and not fit to be an educator at all, because if an educator of great reputation like you can be making such statement, then there is a problem with our education sector.

How did you even get to the education sector in the first place, you should be in the porn sector!!! So you want to destroy the lives of our innocent girls because they don’t know anything yet right, because of your insecurity and selfish desires, you want to ruin innocent girls’ lives right? God forbid!!.

I expected that as a young educator, you should be using your 21st century creativity to promote the education sector, to promote gender equality in all areas especially the education sector that you are in, but rather, you have turned to one that wants to destroy it, making derogatory statements that shouldn’t be from you. Am going to give you three reasons why your post and points are foolish and disparaging which doesn’t qualify you to be an educator.

Firstly, how will you say men should propose to secondary school girls because they are naïve? That is not based on Logistics at all, it is based on insecurity. People like you cannot woo a lady who is mature and made with self-esteem because you are inferior, so you decide to deceive the small girls who doesn’t know anything,by using 500 naira to deceive them . Please Mr Immanuel I want to understand because it doesn’t make any sense at all.

Are you telling the men to kill the dreams of small girls with marriage Or what? Ok,lets look at it from this angle, imagine someone trying to marry your sister in secondary school or immediately after secondary, will you agree to the proposal? Imagine she is your daughter and someone wants to her, after secondary school, will you agree to it? Why didn’t you say that the boys too should go and get married immediately after secondary school?

Secondly, I expected you to be informed as an educator to understand that one of the major problems of Nigeria is Low participation of Women in activities that enhances growth and national development, how are we going to fight it if our girls are married off without the right knowledge and information to change things in the country?.

Dont you know if they are married off without the right and solid knowledge they will only belong to kitchen, living room and the other room, is that what you want for our girls in this 21st century? Did you hear of Toke Makinwa who is currently in the U.s lecturing? , if she had been married off after secondary school or after Waec , do you think she would have gone this far? Guy give your self-brain and stop being foolish.

Don’t try to be popular by being foolish, those supporting your points now will be the ones to leave you when you get into trouble cause this sure will definitely lead to trouble if care is not taken.

Finally, Based on Logistics, you are not supposed to be in the education sector because if you can be saying this openly, then the destinies of children especially girls in your care are not safe,what knowledge are you going to be dishing out to them? “out of the abundance of the heart…………………………..’’

We need the girls and the women for the growth and development of Nigeria. Don’t you get, if Nigerian men subscribes to this foolish opinion of yours then we are all in trouble, our daughters are in trouble, our sisters are in trouble and our women are in trouble, which will make us all be in trouble!! Mr Immanuel Ifediata, agree that you messed up and tender an apology.

I stand with the girls, every girl deserves quality education.
Akinmegha Oluwafemi Kayode fondly known as Femi Mega
Director of Kayode Memorial Schools,Ajangbadi,Lagos
Girl Child education activist

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