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Wednesday , September 19 2018
Home / News / “How would you rate President Buhari’s two years in office?” Nigerians speaks.

“How would you rate President Buhari’s two years in office?” Nigerians speaks.

• Dr Kunle Olawepo, (Chairman, Nigerian Medical Association, Kwara State branch)

It has been a mixed bag of blessings and setbacks. Blessings, in the sense that we have witnessed a formidable attack on corruption which has been a major problem in Nigeria’s politics. There have been setbacks in the sense that there have been many challenges confronting the anti-corruption crusade.

For instance, there has been a cat and rat relationship between the executive and legislative organs, and this has impacted negatively on the anti-corruption initiative.

Also, because Nigeria has been enmeshed in economic crises, people have not been able to really see the merit of the Buhari administration because they have been assessing it from the economic dimension. People believe that because of this, he has not done anything. But he has actually tried despite his health challenges. In the area of fighting terrorism, he has done very well. I know what the security situation was when he came and what it is now.

For employment creation, there has not been much progress. But maybe that is due to the current economic crunch. Although there is an ongoing agitation for salary increment by civil servants, I know that it is not going to work because the money is not just there.

In the education sector, the level of education has remained abysmal for close to two decades and this administration has also not made progress in that area. But you cannot hold him responsible for that because in the last 10 to 20 years, the education sector has been awful. If you see the instructional facilities we use, you will marvel; they are very bad.

The fiscal allocation for education is too small, in addition to the fact that corruption is also a problem in the sector. The development crisis in Nigeria is very huge.

So, what I will advise is that Buhari should identify two areas. He can fight corruption to a definitive end and address the issue of worsening power situation. If he can tackle those two, then he will be okay.

• Rommy Mom (Human rights activist & President, Lawyers Alert)

To be candid, the administration has fared badly. Even in opposition, I try my best to be charitable to this government; I have been constructive in my criticism. Yes, the government has made some progress in the area of anti-corruption and in agriculture. But beyond this, there is nothing else you can honestly give serious credit to this government.

Without looking outside what the President and his party promised Nigerians before they were elected in 2015, let’s look at what they promised: instead of creating jobs for unemployed youths, jobs have been lost; companies are folding up. Yes they have decimated Boko Haram in the North-East, what about the kidnappings, daylight robberies and other violent crimes across Nigeria?

This is largely responsible for the growing suicide rates. Can you say because they have dealt with Boko Haram, our security is now better? The snail pace of this government has forced many things to remain at a standstill. We are still waiting for board members to be appointed for health and other bodies two years after. Is this what we voted for?

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