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Wednesday , September 19 2018
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5 Awesome Ideas to Help You Become a Great Comedian

Being a great and successful comedian is not all about standing up and making your audience laugh. You will need to come up with a repertoire, learn on ways you can have a great stage presence and be ready for the rough road ahead just like most of the other successful artists. Though making jokes might be easy, writing them down and performing them in front of a large crowd can never be an easy task. Here are five awesome ideas to help you become a great comedian.

1. Take time and Watch Comedy Masters

There are so many successful comedians both old and new in this industry. Taking your time to watch their previous and current performances can help you build your comedy career. For example, you can decide to have the best Nigerian comedy videosdownload to watch them later at your free time. At first, you can watch them for sheer entertainment then watch them later as a comedy student trying to learn everything they do from the moment they step on stage.

2. Have Fun

You have to enjoy whatever you are doing for you to be successful. Ensure you do your homework well, find what type of character you are, perfect your style, go into class and lastly always have fun. You can never be successful without taking some risks. However, ensure the risks you take do not water down the funny part. You will always feel some energy inside yourself whenever you are acting that will ensure you bring out the best. If you are having fun, the producer, the casting directing, writer and the audience will surely have fun with you. This will help you in becoming a successful comedian.

3. Explore your Comedy

In order to be a successful comedian, you have to study the art and one of the best ways you can explore your comedy is attending a comedy class. Here, you will not only learn on ways to execute the right techniques but you will also get the opportunity to develop new skills and styles and how you can hone your character. You will use your character in various scenes, actions and motivations.

4. Ensure you Stick to the Script

Comedy is all about pace, timing and rhythm. It is your task as a comedy actor to point out things in each and every scripted piece you perform. When done right, comedy is like a good song. Just as to when a musician is playing the composed melody, a comedian must also stick to the script. Never attach handles or add words to the beginning of sentences. Do not try to change the punctuation.

5. Learn on how to break down the comedy scripts

Comedy is all about unpredictability and desperation. The themes are usually found in characters, story lines and jokes. You need to keep in mind that comedy usually consists of both positive and negative forces which work against each other.

Breaking down the comedy scripts will enable you to easily identify classic jokes such as “turnaround” where a character says anything with a 100% conviction.

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