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Sunday , March 18 2018
Home / Education / Major Mistakes that will deny you from getting Visa approval You can’t Get Approved To travel out without reading 6 and 9 Read Below

Major Mistakes that will deny you from getting Visa approval You can’t Get Approved To travel out without reading 6 and 9 Read Below

4. Not Carrying Appropriate Fee

The US consulate has strict payment methods. Make sure you are aware of the method and the exact amount of the fee. For example, US consulates use bank drafts for visa application and visa issuance fee and not cash.

5. Unnecessary Extra Information

Do not give information which you were not asked. People try to be over confident and over smart give out more detailed answers than is needed which may lead to additional related questions which may work against you.

For example: Question: Why do you want to go to the US? Wrong Answer: I want to see how USA is and if I like it I want to stay back with my son. Preferred Answer: For tourism purpose and/or to spend some quality time with my son/daughter.

6. Inconsistent Information

Difference in the information you provide in the documentation and what you say during the interview can go against your case.

7. Arguing with the Consulate Officer

Never argue with the consulate officer. If you want information ask in a polite manner.

8. Having Poor Communication

Poor communication affect cases in a negative way. If you’re not good in English, you should request for an interpreter.

9. Talking too much

You are the one being interviewed and not the interviewer. So, keep your answers brief and to the point. Speak only when you need to.

10. Appearing to be Nervous

Be confident because this can bring positive results. Especially, in cases where a consulate officer has to rely on limited information provided by you. Their decision is influenced by the way you react to questions, your body language, and how true your answers are.

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