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Top UK University League Tables and Rankings 2017


Motivation in Business. It is also important to mention the work of the Australian psychologist Elton Mayo conducted in the first half of the twentieth century showed that the quality of human relations within the team and the cooperation and solidarity of the group are the main motivators of workers.

Here are three of the most influential in the field of work motivation theories are presented.

What are the 3 facts Motivation in Business?

Theory of Pyramid or Hierarchy of Human Needs

This theory was formulated in the mid-twentieth century by Abraham Maslow, American social psychologist founder of the humanist. It establishes five hierarchical needs, so that if one person has not satisfied one level, it is not possible to think of the next. Thus, when a need is sufficiently covered, no longer motivates behavior.

Pyramid of Human Needs

Base: basic needs (physiological) such as eating or sleeping.

Second: The need for security, ie have resources to live or have good health, for example.

Third: Need for acceptance and affection or affiliation, ie have friends, family, and so on.

Fourth: Need for respect and recognition, that is to succeed, feel recognized for oneself and for others.

Cusp: Need realization, ie transcendence and personal growth.

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